Wednesday February 20th: The Shelton Jaycees, a local non-profit community group, held their Annual Best Pizza in Shelton Membership Night. The event was held in the Greater Valley Chamber’s large meeting room at their offices in Shelton. Over 20 people attended helping to choose the Best Cheese, Best Sausage, and Best Pepperoni Pizzas.

  • The Best Sausage Pizza winner was Pappa’s Pizzeria – 924-8300 located at 474 River Rd.
  • The Best Pepperoni Pizza winner was Basil’s Pizza – 926-6848 located at 725 Bridgeport Ave.
  • The Best Cheese Pizza winner was Giove’s Pizza – 225-6000 located at 494 Bridgeport Ave.

Seven local Pizza establishments each donated and delivered a pie for each category. They were delivered in identical generic pizza boxes to hide the identity of the restaurant. Participants tasted small pieces of each pie and voted for the letter code assigned by the event chairman.

The purpose of the event was to increase the Jaycees visibility in the community and attract new members.

The Jaycees, also known as the Junior Chamber, are a group of people between 21 and 40 years of age. Their purpose is to provide hands on leadership experience and training, over and above what’s available through the corporate world and other organizations. They run dozens of community events each year and members volunteer as much or as little as they like based on their interest in the event. Because the membership’s interests are so varied, this creates a huge variety of events.

Their best known project is their Annual Arts & Crafts Fair, always the first Sunday in June, on the Huntington Green. They run a very large Car Show at Riverwalk Park at the end of August. They also run fundraising events to support local and national charities including the American Cancer Society and the Umbrella Group for Victims of Domestic Violence. Members often share personal and professional skills. February 4th they ran an Online Networking Seminar trained by a brand new member. An Intro to Astronomy Seminar will be held in April. On April 19th they will be teaming up for an Earth Day Shoreline Clean Up along the Housatonic River with Clean-Sound Inc. another local non-profit.

For a more detailed list of Shelton Jaycees events and to learn how you can get involved visit


The Jaycees are also known as the Junior Chamber of Commerce. Started in 1920 in St. Louis MO, the organization has grown to involve millions of people around the world. There are currently 19 local chapters in CT and each one develops their own program of events based on local interests and needs. We provide people between the ages of 21 and 40, an opportunity for personal and professional development through community service and organizational involvement. Members network with other aggressive young people, take part in worthwhile projects, fulfil a need for personal growth, and contribute to society. For more about the history of the Jaycees, look for us on the web at