55th Annual Arts and Crafts Fair to be delayed or canceled.

On behalf of the Shelton Jaycees alumni group, the Geese & Bear club, we’re sad to announce that our 55th Annual Arts & Crafts Fair scheduled for Sunday, June 9th 2019 will not be held as planned. 

We’ve been looking for a new partner organization and we’ve been unsuccessful so far. We haven’t given up for good, but we don’t want to hold a fair that isn’t worthy of your time & money and our history.

We’re hoping to have a new partner organization found in time to properly run a Fall 2019 fair on the Huntington Green. If that’s not possible we hope to have a new event set up again for early June 2020.

If you have helpful suggestions for future events please feel free to reach out to us by email or phone.

As always, thank you for your support.


Kate Jager & Wendy Holden,
2019 Arts & Crafts Fair Event Co-Chairs
Jim Nissen, Exhibitor Coordinator

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