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Posted by Kevin On June - 1 - 2010
  • Mother's Day Flower Sale

    THE PINE ROCK FIREHOUSE, 722 Long Hill Avenue, Shelton,

    Volunteers needed for our annual Mother’s Day Flower Sale!

    Friday May 11th, Opening Shift 10 AM – 3 PM. Closing Shift 3 PM – 8 PM
    Pine Rock Park Fire House 722 Long Hill Ave. Shelton. Friday is typically a slow day with lots of card games being played. It’s great practice if we ever decide to run a statewide Set-Back tournament again. Just being set up on the side of the road puts the idea of Mother’s Day Flowers into peoples heads and increases our sales on Saturday & Sunday. Help is especially needed on the first and last hours of the day lifting plant racks and setting up displays.

    (During the May 11th Friday night take down we’ll be planning our Best Pizza in Shelton event.)

    Saturday May 12th Opening Shift 8 AM – 1 PM. Closing Shift 1 PM – 6 PM
    Just like Thursday & Friday, Strong arms needed for set-up  & take-down.

    Sunday May 13th MOTHER’S DAY Opening Shift 8 AM – 1 PM. Closing Shift 1 PM – 6 PM Strong arms needed for set-up & take-down.  Normally business slows considerably after 1pm. If we ordered correctly, we start running out of plants to sell too. Often We’re closed by 4 PM and all that’s left to do is take down signs.

    (Beginning at 1 PM May 13th we’ll be planning our Couponing for a Cause event.)

    Contact Wendy or any chapter officer to sign up!

  • Couponing for a Cause

    THE PINE ROCK FIREHOUSE, 722 Long Hill Avenue, Shelton,

    Couponing for a Cause. Specifically, the Valley Foodbank here in Shelton.

    This project is still under development.  A few members are reading up on the subject and attending workshops. The concept is that a group volunteers will get together regularly to collect and share coupons. With free items collected and extra money saved, donations can be made to the Valley Foodbank.

    The first committee meeting will be at 1pm at the Pine Rock Fire House, 722 Long Hill Ave.

    Contact Kate to sign up!

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We offer men & women between 21-40 opportunities to meet people and volunteer. It's hands-on Leadership Training through Community Action over and above what's available through the corporate world or other organizations. Members volunteer as much or as little as they like and only at activities that interest them.