48th Annual Arts & Crafts fair

ArtsandCraftsFairImageWe are excited to invite you to the 48th Annual Shelton Jaycees Arts and Crafts Fair on Sunday June 3rd, 2012. This year’s rain date is on June 10th.

I’m Nikole Lindley and I’ve been recruited by our past event chairman, Kate Jager, to lead this year’s fair. For nearly a half a century, our all volunteer community group has grown this local event into an established community tradition. It is always held on the first Sunday in June on the Huntington Green, kicking off the summer season in Fairfield County.

Our show advertisements will include six professionally designed billboards supplementing over 100 corrugated plastic campaign-style signs placed at major intersections. Print promotion will be in The Connecticut Post, The New Haven Register, The Shelton Weekly and The Huntington Herald in addition to radio & cable TV listings. We’ve even added this new Arts and Crafts Fair Page on our web site and started an Annual Arts & Crafts Fair Facebook page!

We consider diversity the hallmark of our fair and we limit the number of exhibitors in each craft category to 3. Our fair is a juried event and cash prizes are awarded. Please download and print our application and return it to us with a description and a photograph of your work. If you have exhibited with us before, you don’t need to enclose a photograph.

Our best source of new participants has always been word of mouth referrals. We feel our tradition of having a high quality diverse group of exhibitors is very important, so we’re offering past exhibitors a $5 registration rebate if they refer a new (non-jewelry) exhibitor. If the “New” referral is accepted, and is either brand new to our fair or has not exhibited at our fair in over three years, both the past exhibitor and the new referral will receive a $5 registration rebate on the morning of the event!

When referring a new exhibitor you can either photocopy an application, or send them to this web site where they can download their own application . Or you can just have them give us a phone call so we can mail them a paper application. A referral section is on the application.

This year we’re offering our Arts & Crafts Exhibitors an “Early Bird Rate” of $59 when your application is postmarked by March 31st, 2012. To qualify for the regular pre-registered price of $69, your application must be postmarked no later than May 16th, 2012. All Food Vendors must pre-register by May 16th and the fee remains constant at $79. Sending your application in early will help ensure your acceptance.

Please include your check or money order with your application.

Any photos we receive will be returned to you within 10 days along with a confirmation letter. Even if you are not able to participate in 2012, please complete the application and return it to us so we can keep you on our mailing list.

Please send your application to: The Shelton Jaycees Arts and Crafts Fair
P.O. Box 2334, Shelton, CT 06484

The application together with our welcome letter and additional details are available to download and print HERE. If you have any questions, just give me a call any time before 10pm. If you can’t reach me right away, you can also call my good friend and mentor, Past Chairman Kate Jager, at (203) 623-6698. We’re looking forward to another beautiful and profitable day for everyone!


Nikole Lindley, 2012 Arts & Crafts Fair Chairman
(203) 231-0448

2011 Arts & Crafts Fair Results

Thanks to all of our exhibitors, volunteers and the Shelton community, the Jaycees 47th Annual Arts & Crafts Fair was another HUGE success!  Beautiful weather and tons of visitors. We couldn’t have asked for a better day.

Mark your calendars now! Always the First Sunday in June on the Huntington Green, our 2012 event will be on June 3rd with a rain date on the following Sunday.  Click on the Arts & Crafts Fair tab on our home page for all the details.

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Sunday: The Shelton Jaycees, a local non-profit community group, held their Annual Best Pizza in Shelton Open-house.  The event was held at Pinerock Firehouse in Shelton.  Almost thirty people helped choose the Best Sausage, Best Pepperoni, Best Vegetable, Best Cheese and Best Overall Pizzas.

Ten local pizza establishments each donated and delivered a pie for each category.  They were delivered in identical generic pizza boxes to hide the identity of the restaurant.  Participants tasted small pieces of each pie and voted for the letter code assigned by a non-judge.

The voting was very close in each of the categories.

  • The Best Sausage Pizza winner was Basil’s Pizza – (203) 926-6848 located at 725 Bridgeport Ave.
  • The Best Vegetable Pizza winner was Lia’s Pizza – (203) 924-7009 located at 425 River Road.
  • The Best Cheese Pizza winner was Giove’s Pizza – (203) 225-6000 located at 494 Bridgeport Ave.
  • The Best Pepperoni Pizza winner was Captain’s Pizza – (203) 929-6377 located at 335 Bridgeport Ave.
  • The Best Overall Pizza winner was Basil’s Pizza. They finished a close second in the cheese category and won the sausage category to give them the most votes for Best Overall Pizza in Shelton!

For special recognition the project committee members chose:

  • Antonio’s Italian Style Pizza for Best Toppings (203) 924-7499 located at 151 Center Street.
  • The Little Tomato for Best Crust (203) 922-1717 located at 503 Howe Ave.
  • Villa Pizza & Restaurant for Best Sauce (203) 929-1155 located at 888 Bridgeport Ave.
  • Planet Pizza for Best Toppings Runner-Up (203) 925-0003 located at 350 Bridgeport Ave.
  • Artan’s Pizza for Best Crust Runner-Up (203) 924-7514 located at 19 Kneen Street.
  • Vincent’s Italian Restaurant for Best Sauce Runner-Up (203) 929-9104 located at 526 Shelton Ave.


The purpose of the event was to increase the Jaycees visibility in the community and attract new members.  Project Chairman Jim Nissen said “There are so many quality pizzas to choose from right here in town.  SHELTON, NOT New Haven, should be considered the Pizza Capitol of Connecticut!”

The Jaycees offer opportunities for people 21-40 to meet people and volunteer.  Their purpose is to provide hands on leadership experience and training, over and above what’s available through employers and other organizations.  They run dozens of community events each year and members volunteer as much or as little as they like based on their interest in the event.

Because the membership’s interests are so varied, this creates a huge variety of events. Their best known project is their Annual Arts & Crafts Fair, always the first Sunday in June, on the Huntington Green.  They also run a very large Car Show & Bazaar at Riverwalk Park at the end of August.  They run fundraising events and support charities like the BGHS Umbrella program for Victims of Domestic Violence.  Members share personal and professional skills at events like an Online Networking Seminar, and a Professional Poker Seminar.  They also run hands on events like an Earth Day Clean Up along the Far Mill River and Pink Ribbon Kite flying at the Breast Cancer Walk.

For a more detailed list of Shelton Jaycees events and to learn how you can get involved come to a meet-up or visit www.sheltonjaycees.org

Vote for the Best Pizza in Shelton!

Under 41 & Over 21?

On Saturday Oct. 23rd the Shelton Jaycees are running a Best Pizza in Shelton Open House where attendees can learn more about the Shelton Jaycees and help choose The Best Pizza in Shelton.

Judging will be in 5 categories: Best Pepperoni, Best Sausage, Best Veggie, Best Cheese & Best Overall. RSVP required. Space is limited to the first 64 prospective members. Call event chairman, Jim Nissen, at 203-521-2498 in advance to reserve your ballot.

Event takes place at 6 PM at Pine Rock Firehouse 722 Long Hill Avenue in Shelton.  All ages are welcome however membership is available only to people between 21 and 40.

The Shelton Jaycees offer opportunities to meet people and volunteer.

Chapter President Kate Jager states “Members volunteer as much as they’d like and only at activities that interest them.”  It’s hands-on leadership training through community action beyond what’s available through employers and other civic organizations.

The Shelton Jaycees are a local non-profit service organization making a difference in Shelton and surrounding communities since 1954. They are most known for their annual Arts and Crafts Fair that has been run for 46 years at the Huntington Green in early June.  They are also well known for their Annual Car Shows.

Contact project chairperson, Jim Nissen @ 203-521-2498 and check out the event calendar listing.

Our most important tradition, is starting new traditions!